About us

As a company HEX operates in a progressive and thought-provoking space. We are a highly trained team of designers and creatives with an eye for premium fashion and high quality materials. 

All of our collections are manufactured with care and precision, meaning that your product will be homegrown and undoubtedly authentic. Using premium organic cotton along with a variety of other high quality and expertly sourced materials from around the world, all of the finer details are added using local sourced manufacturers. The relationships we hold with all our contributors strengthens our belief in the standard of their work.

Our products come packaged in a variety of ways. Our Organics collection is uniquely packaged using sustainable, biodegradable packaging. We believe that by future proofing our sustainability we are simply adding to the success of our business and those alike. Our other collections are packaged in our bespoke matte obsidian-black box with a soft-close seal. The box itself is an extension of our premium mindset and is aimed to deliver a unique user friendly experience to each of our customers. 

As a company, we are focused on lifestyle and the development of the way we live our lives and wear our clothes season after season. We champion absolute quality with each and every item we produce and nothing leaves HEX HQ, without being checked multiple times. We believe in making the user journey of each of our customers perfect. We know how eagerly you will await your first order, second order, every order. You won’t be disappointed. Take our word for it.