Top 10 things about Manchester which inspire us...

Making lists is hard, listing ten things in some kind of understandable order is almost impossible. Yet when it comes to Manchester doing only ten seems a little underwhelming. This city genuinely has it all. With the city centre as the beating heart of this metropolis we call home, and the M60 running like veins in every direction to neighbouring counties it's difficult to not love Manchester. It's an inspiring place. One of stories, some true, some probably not. Of slang, words and terms no one else understands, and shouldn't use unless they have adopted that northern swagger.

So here it is, our list of the 10 things that inspire us the most about Manchester. We will try to keep it short our kid, pinky promise.

The Welcome

Yalright, you know the way the Gallaghers would say, whether that's Liam, Noel or Frank, is as genuine as it sounds. When someone in Manchester asks you if you are alright they genuinely mean it. It's much more than a hello, it's an open invitation to talk about your day, it's never too much for a Manc to listen. However, this comes with a warning, be careful where you engage with a Manc because once the storytelling begins, no one knows where it will end. We don't want you missing your Metrolink stop now, do we! "Hex told me to talk to people."

The Spirit of the people.

The Manc spirit isn't confined to history, so please don't think that way. Yes, we had that woman named Emmeline who stood and spoke where no one else would. But you needn't look too far back, it was just over three years since that terrible evening in May, when so many peoples' worlds were shattered by the decision of another, as Ariana sang her fans out of the arena. But now in Manchester, we don't look back in anger, we look back in knowledge, in foresight, in remembrance. Being an active part of how the Spirit of this city refused to be conquered was as moving a moment as we will ever experience.

The hidden knowledge.

There's something about Mancunians that we have failed to find elsewhere, despite travelling far and wide. In Manchester people hide knowledge, we think it's because we are so consumed in listening we generally don't speak all too much. It's the shy and self-effacing, the bloke sitting in the corner of the previously smokey pub vault, who holds all the keys. Think of Turing, for those who haven't watched The Imitation Game, Cumberbatch is excellent, go try it. It was Turing who had such an infinite desire for knowledge that the whole country's safety was placed in his passionate Manc hands.

Sport in the blood.

Growing up in Manchester, you're taught a few things. One being that when your nanna was young, everyone used to leave their doors open and wander into each other's houses. The other being you'll always have to fight. In Manchester, it's all about sport, and you'll either fight in a ring, or you'll fight for a place in the team. Nothing is given, but if you put your all in, you will have half a chance.

Fashion is forward-facing

When we say this, we mean the city is constantly moving forwards. Within the walls of Manchester companies such as PLT and Missguided have pushed the world of fast-fashion forwards at such an alarming rate that they sit on a level globally that very few other companies will ever inhabit. It would shock us if either of them weren't thankful for the city and its support. It's certainly not easy to grow here, or in the fast fashion sector but it definitely helps.

Fashion breaks moulds

There's a real buzz, excuse the inevitable bee pun, within Manchester when it comes to diversifying what we know. Personally, we think this allows space for creatives to thrive and change the template of what was previously known. One of our favourite brands right now, Represent, highlights that more than most others. Started in their dads' garage, the Heaton brothers have grown an empire. Now with fashion week catwalks and their clothes being worn by everyone from NBA stars to countless people on the streets of their home city, they have recreated the mould. And we are mad for it.

The Nightlife

To be inspired by nightlife sounds vague and somewhat pretentious, but going out and getting sloshed isn't entirely what we mean. The Manchester nightlife is a little different. It's more about a communal coming together of total variance, people from all walks of life. It's utter madness, and that's what we love. There's the Northern Quarter with all of its quirks. We suppose it's like your mate who really makes an effort to stand out but pretends he doesn't, it's effortlessly cool. Then there's Spinningfields, the total opposite of the NQ, yin and yang in every way. It's glass and chrome, glitz and glam and everything new Manchester is all about. The place just feels opulent, but with a refreshing hard-working Manc vibe. It's more of your mate who wears his business suit on a night out, he's a really hard worker so he doesn't own anything else, but it was expensive, so it'll look good anyway.

Music makes the world go round.

In Manchester, if we aren't singing, we're dancing and usually on tables. This was an easy one for us as the Manchester music scene has pretty much been an inspiration for the world. Whether you're watching a Netflix American teen drama, where the main character blasts the Smiths while sobbing to herself, or you're swaying in a dingy Parisian club to the chorus of don't look back in anger. The Manc musician scene gets where water wouldn't. Play us a tune, our kid.

Opportunity is on your doorstep.

We live and operate out of Manchester, and we understand the pride firsthand that we have for each other. We watch our friends and comment on their work effort, their daily grind and their outfits, and they do ours. In Manchester it's all about knowing people, supporting them and working together. The great thing about people knowing your business is based in Manchester is the opportunities it brings. We understand how Mancunians work, and if they know your business, it'll get brought up even if they don't know you personally. It will get mentioned in a room full of opportunities, and you will get business through the word of other Manc mouths.

It’s easy for us all to grow.

After everything is said and done, we are all looking to grow in some way or another. Whether it's raising a family, building a business or even increasing our Instagram following. We all want more, and that's inevitable, what we actually want is more happiness. The factors which influence that may be as varied as family or Instagram. We are entirely behind chasing your growth in whatever way suits you, and so is this city. Having grown from a group of small boys staring at the odd towering skyscraper to being able to sit on rooftop bars and admire the much-developed skyline, it's easy to forget this city grows as we grow and in many ways, it does so for its inhabitants. To create more work, more jobs and more happiness. It's been inspiring and a total pleasure to see this wonderful place flourish.