Red v Blue this year…

As the Premier League season returns, we know it only finished like yesterday, but we've missed it, so we're glad it's back. For Manchester, this season seems more optimistic than the last. Whether red or blue we have managed to forget about our Liverpudlian neighbours, lighting flares late into the night. Singing songs, the likes of which hadn't been heard for quite some time, but singing them deservedly so. But even with Liverpool looking just as strong. With Chelsea spending money like it's going out of fashion. Arsenal seemingly beginning to understand the Arteta philosophy. Everton have moved diligently in the transfer market, signing players they couldn't have ever imagined just a few weeks ago. Tottenham will also grind out results with Jose at the helm. And surprise packages in the shape of Leicester and Newcastle adding steel to the top 10. We are certainly in for an exciting ride.

But this blog isn't about all that is going on in the world of the Premier League. It's about the Manc rivalry. The red smoke and the blue moon and unravelling all of that mix of purple to truly unpick who will lead the way for Manchester this season.

The past is the past.

United fans are continuously told that they exist deep in the realms of history. A funny joke, for anyone short-sighted enough to overlook that even yesterday is history. For the past five years, those in sky blue have taunted the reds, with their lack of success. But having been blown away themselves last year, will that all change this year. We think so. We can't help but believe that the 20/21 season is somewhat of a clean slate. It's one that both the Mancunian teams need. Liverpool was by far the best team in the land and was not far off in Europe as a whole. And the truth is both City and United are at current, miles behind. So 20/21, a fresh start, building blocks for both clubs and the level playing field of zero points.

Blooding the youth

Part of being a club based in the city is that you showcase your home-grown talent. Manchester has long been a hotbed of footballing prowess, from the days our Grandads so fondly remember to Greenwood and Foden today. When it comes to giving those much coveted Premier League minutes to young Mancunians, United win the battle hands down. In fact, City fizzle out with a whimper. Although in Phil Foden, they have a magician, someone who could be one of the country's biggest stars. As the Stockport Iniesta attempts to force his way into the City team for the coming season. Will City be willing to give him the time he needs?

The reds will watch countless academy players run out at Old Trafford once again this year. With Teden Mengi looking like the next name on the list, with Hannibal Mejbri seemingly not far behind despite being only 18 and 17 respectively. Manchester United's academy is the beating heart of the club and is the place of dreams of many a young Manc before they can even kick a ball. But us Mancs should be allowed to dare, to dream and to succeed and United believes in us every step of the way.

The hearts and souls of Manchester

For the last ten years, there's no doubt that City has stolen the hearts and minds of the Manchester faithful. And, if any united fan tells you otherwise, they're lying. Football is something which is deep within our bellies in Manchester. We inhale football, and we exhale it too, so winning over those who inhabit our metropolis is the ideal place to start for any Mancunian based teams.

When it comes to City, it's been the initiatives within Manchester which have built the reputation of the club externally. From the creation of jobs in their multi-million-pound training complex to the handing out of matchday tickets for free to students and families in need. City has come out punching and biting back into the Manchester United monopoly.

United as a club has largely overlooked the general populace of their city. Due to their size, they are safe in the knowledge that most will be unable to attend a game due to price, or simply that those who want to be there will be willing to spend every penny they own to do so. It's kind of win-win for the club but not for the fans, and it hurts a little to say so.

Where will 2020/21 take us?

Honestly, it would be comfortable to sit on the fence, but with what City already have and United's lack of reinforcement other than Van de Beek. It looks like the fight for Manchester will be sky-blue this coming season. However, that is as I write this blog, and as we know, football moves faster than any other industry in the world. Who knows in a matter of hours I could be re-writing this whole thing, or at least this final paragraph. Time will tell as always in football, but with plenty of exciting improvements throughout the premier league table. We are in for a thrilling ride!