Manchester by Night

It seems that all who have passed through our glorious city have found themselves caught somewhere on a night out they probably don't remember. It's one of the reasons that Manchester is so popular with the out of towners, and even the slightly out of towners. Oldhamer's for example, who don't call the city centre 'town', because they've got a town of their own. But still, turn up, drink the beer, enjoy the vibes and stumble into a black cab outside Panacea. Despite having spent all of last week's wages on having a good time, isn't that the only way to spend it after all?

So what is it about Manchester's nightlife that is just so appealing? Well, quite Frankly we all like to go a bit Gallagher, see what I did there? And 'av a party' from time to time. In fact, in Manchester, we want to do it all the time, and that's where we will start our mission to delve into the nightlife of Manchester.

When - Is the best time to visit Manchester for a night out?

Our favourite question, as a brand which calls this city home, we, as you can imagine, are massive advocates of the entertainment sector. In fact the flexibility of a Manc night out is possibly the best thing about the nightlife as a whole. When compared to our Northern neighbours, Liverpool, our bars, clubs and restaurants are much more spread across the city. Ye, we know it means more travel if you have certain places in mind. But, it also means that different sections of the city operate at various times in the week. For example, would you visit Spinningfields during the week if you're looking for that high-end vibe? Probably not. It's pretty quiet and a little less pretentious to be brutally honest. However, would you visit the Northern Quarter for a relaxed couple of beverages and a few games of Table Tennis on a school night? Hell yes, in fact, we'll meet you there. Any takers?

Where - Should we go out in Manchester?

Once you've heard our accents, you'll understand why we get asked this question so much. We literally talk and breathe this city. "Where's good to go in Manchester" is probably my least favourite question. Because it's one which means I have to dribble on for at least thirty minutes explaining why we have so many different venues, and why it depends on the vibe you're looking for. But as a quick overview, Peter Street has become a pretty essential middle ground for a Manc night out. Alberts Schloss is good every night, and we mean, EVERY NIGHT! Revs de Cuba, Impossible, Peaky Blinders, are all easy nights out and always a great laugh. Then there's Spinningfields, the Manc metropolis of glass walls, chrome fixtures and blush pink suede accessories. It's high-end and everywhere from the Ivy to 20 Stories, The Alchemist to BLVD are frequently jammed packed with faces you've probably seen kicking a footy about or modelling the lastest PLT release on Instagram. Finally, you've got the relaxed mantra and mindset of the Northern Quarter and Ancoats. Both areas shouldn't really be mentioned in the same bracket, but in this instance, we're going to. It's laid back drinking and eating, trainers aren't just for the day time, and there is such an eclectic offering that it'll all work out in the end.

Why - Should we go to Manchester for a night out?

Well, if you've read this far and you still need this answering, we'd suggest going back to the top and starting again. Manchester is great; it's mint, it's wicked. In Manchester, it's difficult to avoid being spoken to by a total stranger, not because we're weird, but we are all just ridiculously friendly. Stood in the queue for a bar, if you don't speak to the couple behind you about the state of the world, you're probably not in manchester.

The flexibility, as highlighted above, makes Manchester perfect for any night out. Whether a cultured few drinks in a rooftop bar overlooking our ever-growing metropolis. Or a floor level bar crawl around the historic Shambles Square, there's something for every occasion in this city. We can't wait to welcome you, so give us a shout about that game of table tennis, ye?